Vaping in, Cigarettes out!

Cigarette smoking for more than a century now has developed a reputation as the constant companion of the cool and the socially successful. Whether you’re chilling in a pub, a club, or even just at a friend’s house, it seems that someone always whips out a smoke or two which if you’re not a smoker, […]

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4 Ways to Stop Getting Vape Juice in Your Mouth!

Imagine this: you just got your favorite e-juice from the store or in the mail which you’ve filled your tank with. You have a fresh set of coils and cotton that are ready when you are. You might even have a cup of coffee or your favorite drink with you. Your little heart gets […]

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7 ways to make your Vaping device last longer

Editor’s Note: Comics Grinder strives to cover all aspects of our culture, including the rising trend in vaping. Well, we’ve come a long way in a few years. Here is a guest column by Collin DeSoto on some things to be mindful of regarding good care and maintenance of your vaping device. Guest column by […]

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