Vaping in, Cigarettes out!

Cigarette smoking for more than a century now has developed a reputation as the constant companion of the cool and the socially successful. Whether you’re chilling in a pub, a club, or even just at a friend’s house, it seems that someone always whips out a smoke or two which if you’re not a smoker, […]

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Top 5 tanks of 2017!

Let’s face it, everyone wants to know what the best tank on the market is. If you try searching for best vape tank, you come to these websites that are pay-for-play and will endorse any tank that is popular or that they are paid to be put on their site. Well, this list has been […]

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4 Ways to Stop Getting Vape Juice in Your Mouth!

Imagine this: you just got your favorite e-juice from the store or in the mail which you’ve filled your tank with. You have a fresh set of coils and cotton that are ready when you are. You might even have a cup of coffee or your favorite drink with you. Your little heart gets […]

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7 ways to make your Vaping device last longer

Editor’s Note: Comics Grinder strives to cover all aspects of our culture, including the rising trend in vaping. Well, we’ve come a long way in a few years. Here is a guest column by Collin DeSoto on some things to be mindful of regarding good care and maintenance of your vaping device. Guest column by […]

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